Sansano winds up borrowing an old tale for a new and lively celebration of art itself.

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Just as «Carmen,» the opera, is a clash of towering personalities, «Carmen.maquia,» Luna Negra Dance Theater’s terrific new choreographic homage, is a collision of artistic schools.

Choreographer Gustavo Ramirez Sansano employs the Romantic era score for a starkly expressionistic dance, as if Pablo Picasso had teamed up with the ghost of Georges Bizet instead of Erik Satie for the 1917 «Parade.» Black, white and gray drapes from designer Luis Crespo unmistakably evoke Picasso, just as the mostly white decor, the portable and accordion-like set pieces and David Delfin’s elegant, sheer white gowns channel Art Deco. There are spots of black fabric, too, shorts worn at some points, just as Carmen herself wears black for the first part of the 70-minute dance.
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